Jackson Briitan

Next Generation Land Company

Managing Partner - Florida

Jackson Brittan is a managing partner for the Florida division of Next Generation Land Company, a real estate firm that specializes in land development. With over five years of experience in the industry, Jackson has established himself as a trusted and knowledgeable leader in the field. He has worked for some of the biggest names in the business, including National Land Partners and Merritage Homes.

Jackson's interest in land development began early in life. He was born and raised in Dallas, Texas, where he developed a deep appreciation for the natural beauty of the countryside. As a young man, he often found himself drawn to the rural areas surrounding his hometown, and he dreamed of one day working to preserve and develop these lands for future generations.

After completing high school, Jackson attended the University of Miami, where he earned a degree in business administration. While in college, he became fascinated by the world of real estate, and he decided to pursue a career in the field after graduation.

Jackson's first job out of college was with National Land Partners, the largest buyer and seller of recreational land in America. There, he gained valuable experience in land development and honed his skills in sales, marketing, and management. He quickly established himself as a rising star within the company and was soon promoted to a leadership position.

After several years with National Land Partners, Jackson was recruited by Merritage Homes, one of the largest home builders in America. There, he worked as a project manager, overseeing the development of large residential communities across the country. He also gained valuable experience in the construction and financing aspects of the real estate business.

Today, as a managing partner with Next Generation Land Company, Jackson is responsible for overseeing the development of large-scale land projects throughout Florida. He is known for his expertise in zoning and regulatory compliance, as well as his ability to negotiate complex land deals with landowners, investors, and local government officials.

In his free time, Jackson enjoys exploring the natural beauty of Florida and spending time with his family. He is passionate about environmental conservation and is committed to ensuring that his work in land development is sustainable and responsible. His dedication to the industry and his commitment to his clients have made him one of the most respected and sought-after land developers in Florida.

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